[linux-lvm] Fwd: Removing PVs from Volume Groups which have allocated LVs

R Ramkumar rramkumar at novell.com
Wed May 28 06:59:30 UTC 2008


Does any one have any update on this issue? In brief, is it possible to know the PV's which are free (which are not being used by the LVs created) inside a VG so that they can be removed from the VG.. 
>>> R Ramkumar 05/22/08 6:36 PM >>> 


I have a LVM setup where I have a VG with 3 PVs.. I have created 2 LVs from the VG which eventually has taken physical storage space from one or two of the PVs.. Now, when I want to shrink the VG, I need to know the unallocated PV so that I can remove from the VG.. 

Is there anyway that I can find out which PV is unallocated and which PV to remove from the VG.. Please let me know your views..


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