[linux-lvm] Recovering LVM partition after OS reinstallation

hanocri hanocri at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 18:51:10 UTC 2008

2008/9/12 Jaroslav Stava <jstava at redhat.com>:
> Check dmraid. Twice.
> If *scan can't find a lvm pv, than there is something wrong.
> (unless you are filtering out /dev/dm* - check filter= in lvm.conf)
> Did you (or the Debian installation) change the partition layout?
> Where did you install the system to? I assume not to the old
> "lvroot" logical volume.
> Partition type (fdisk) means quite nothing.
> If the device/partition is a lvm PV, then there should be an lvm
> label at the beginning. That's what vgscan is looking for (see -vvv).
> If there is no label at the beginning, then:
> - we are looking at the wrong place - partition layout changed or
>  perhaps dmraid changed it's mapping
> - we are looking at the correct place, but the label is not there
> You could try looking for the label at other places - man pvck.
> Either way provide some info:
> "lvmdump -m -a" can automate that
> or at least post dmsetup table, vgscan -vvv
> dmraid information
> Regards,
> Jaroslav Stava

Sorry, I made a terrible mistake!
After your suggestions I've dumped (using dd) some first sectors of
/dev/dm-6 to check what is in header and I noticed LUKS label.
I totally forgot that whole partition was encrypted (it used to be
unlocked by external keyfile). So I unlocked partition first and after
that activated LVM.
All volumes are here, healthy and intact.

About "lvroot" volume - it was never in use. I planned to install
other distribution here, but I never did.
Root filesystem is on non-lvm partition.

Again sorry for this stupid mistake and thank you for your help.

Regards, Grzegorz R.

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