[linux-lvm] Recovering LVM partition after OS reinstallation

Jaroslav Stava jstava at redhat.com
Fri Sep 12 19:58:27 UTC 2008

hanocri napsal(a):
> Sorry, I made a terrible mistake!
> After your suggestions I've dumped (using dd) some first sectors of
> /dev/dm-6 to check what is in header and I noticed LUKS label.
At least my my post did help in some way :-)
> I totally forgot that whole partition was encrypted (it used to be
> unlocked by external keyfile). So I unlocked partition first and after
> that activated LVM.
> All volumes are here, healthy and intact.
Congratulations. (Not a terrible mistake after all)
> About "lvroot" volume - it was never in use. I planned to install
> other distribution here, but I never did.
> Root filesystem is on non-lvm partition.
> Again sorry for this stupid mistake and thank you for your help.
You are welcome

Jaroslav Stava

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