[linux-lvm] lvm2 confused about double UUID

Alasdair G Kergon agk at redhat.com
Mon Jul 27 10:46:16 UTC 2009

See vgimportclone.sh in 2.02.46 (should work fine with plenty of
earlier versions too).

       vgimportclone  -  import  and  rename  duplicated volume group (e.g. a
       hardware snapshot)

       vgimportclone [-n|--basevgname VolumeGroupName]  [-i|--import]  Physi-
       calVolume [PhysicalVolume...]

       vgimportclone  is  used to import a duplicated VG (e.g. hardware snap-
       shot).  Duplicate VG(s) and PV(s) are not able to be used  until  they
       are  made  to  coexist with the origin VG(s) and PV(s).  vgimportclone
       renames the VG associated with the specified  PV(s)  and  changes  the
       associated VG and PV UUIDs.



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