[linux-lvm] what does 'orphan vg' mean?(global vg?)

Busby.Cheung chaimvy at 163.com
Tue Apr 13 11:33:40 UTC 2010

在2010-04-13 18:54:37,"Milan Broz" <mbroz at redhat.com> 写道:
>On 04/13/2010 10:14 AM, Busby.Cheung wrote:
>>       Thank you very much for so qucik answer.
>>       The reason cause me to read the source code is you mentioned in
>> your email: 'vgscan'. When I use the 'vgs' cmd, it maybe take a long
>> time, the 'vgs' can't be executed  parallelly? The 'vgs' cmd will scan
>> all the devices, once one device locked, it will wait till timeout or
>> err come(device err)?  
>vgs take global lock for performance reasons (it can use cached metadata
>completely then), so it waits for some time if vgscan run in parallel.
>(but you do not need to run vgscan at all except adding new device or so)
>full scan should not take too much time, but there was some bug fixed
>recently (missing device was searched too many times slowing everything down)
My LVM2 version is 2.02.54, haven't done any patch.
Did you mean that there were some patches to fix the 'take long time'  's bug?
I can't understand 'missing device was searched too many times slowing everything down' as you said, what does 'missing device was searched too many times' mean? Does that means some device like '/dev/sde' which is an missed device, but the lvm2 will open it (because it appears in the system's device list),  so the 'timeout' comes (long time)?
Thank you very much.
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