[linux-lvm] what does 'orphan vg' mean?(global vg?)

Busby.Cheung chaimvy at 163.com
Tue Apr 13 12:36:20 UTC 2010

Hi Milan,
              Thank you very much for so detailed reply.
              I still have one question, the full scan like 'vgs' will scan the devives(both used and unused in the LVM) to find the label info, I read the debug mesg  by using 'vgs -vvvv' cmd. when it take a long time, it may stop for a while by output the '#device/dev-io.c:486         Opened /dev/sdp RO O_DIRECT'  ('sdp' just for example,or may be a soft raid md device), I don't know why it will stop for a while, locking?device missing? or other reason? I need your help and advice.
           The missing devices you mentioned in the emails before, means the devices used in the LVM (PVs), or the other devices in the system , or both? You said 'missing device was searched too many times slowing everything down'. 
Best Regards,

在2010-04-13 20:11:01,"Milan Broz" <mbroz at redhat.com> 写道:
>On 04/13/2010 01:33 PM, Busby.Cheung wrote:
>> My LVM2 version is 2.02.54, haven't done any patch.
>> Did you mean that there were some patches to fix the 'take long time'  's bug?
>I mean these not-yet released changes in upstream, not that fixes all problems,
>but should help
>Version 2.02.63 -
>  Suppress repeated errors about the same missing PV uuids.
>  Bypass full device scans when using internally-cached VG metadata.
>  Only do one full device scan during each read of text format metadata.
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