[linux-lvm] How to find out the location of PE's

peter.bieshaar at gmail.com peter.bieshaar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 10:03:44 UTC 2011

Due to a hardware mistake (dvd and hdu as IDE-master ??) I lost complete
disk- and therefor lvm administration on SATA disks.
- In other words I cannot see the partition- or PV/VG and LV
- So, fdisk or (pv|vg|lv)display can't give information.

lvm was initiated under ubuntu 11.04 or 10.10, a recent lvm2 version was

On one disk I tried to create a partition (without creating a filesystem
of-course :) ) but no pv-information was shown, using pvdisplay. I didn't
dare to do this on my RAID1 (md) disks.
I can read the disks with strings and dd, and saw content of scripts and
documents. So the content/data is still on the disks.

My chosen strategy to recover the LV's, is finding the PE's, pickthem
up and place them in a blob on another filesystem. So I can mount -o loop
that blob and restructure the disks.

My problem now is how to find these information. The web gives a lot of
information how to setup, but almost none on technical issues like this.

Can someone give me a hint on how this (the PE's) technically is being
organized (pointer -> pointer structures??) and where and how to search
these on the disk. So I can write a C-thingy to accomplish my strategy. If
someone already has something like this, or examples,


Peter Bieshaar
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