[linux-lvm] Different PV on the same raid array

Cédric Lemarchand cedric.lemarchand at ixcore.com
Thu Feb 24 10:51:26 UTC 2011


To bypass the DOS MBR 2TB limits, i plan to use LVM to create on the
same raid array some "small" PV (< 2TB)  that will be in the same big VG
(> 2TB).

First, am i planning ugly thing ? is the GPT alternative a better way ?

Secondly, I dont know how LVM use PVs within a VG, but for performances
issues, i would like that LVM use 1 PV first and then the second when
the first come full  (not both at the same time).
Maybe LVM do that by default, or do i need some option ? (i saw
"--contiguous" in the lvcreate man pages, but dont know exactly what
this option does ... )



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