[linux-lvm] LVM over iSCSI

Roberto Sassu roberto.sassu at polito.it
Wed Jan 5 17:48:54 UTC 2011

Hi all

i configured a LVM volume group using two iSCSI devices as
physical volumes.
I designed one node (A) to create snapshots of a Logical Volume,
called 'lv_origin' and i want other nodes (B, C) access them
I assume that 'lv_origin' is never modified after the first snapshot
is created.
So, A first creates 'lv_origin' and then a snapshot called
'lv_snap1', which is available for this node.
The node B executes the command 'vgscan' and 'vgchange -ay'.
In this way, 'lv_origin' and 'lv_snap1' become available for B.
Next step, A creates a new snapshot of 'lv_origin' called
'lv_snap2'. This is not available for B and the only way that i
found to use it is to perform (on the node B) the following

1) vgscan
2) vgchange -an
3) vgchange -ay

However this procedure is not applicable if one of created
LVs is in use. How to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for replies

Roberto Sassu

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