[linux-lvm] Question on LVM and Bare Metal Restore?

Ray Morris support at bettercgi.com
Sun Jun 12 05:40:41 UTC 2011

See vgcfgrestore.
Ray Morris

"Michael D. Setzer II" <mikes at kuentos.guam.net> wrote:

>I'm the maintainer for the G4L disk imaging project since version 
>0.15 to the current 0.37, and working on 0.38. 
>Backing up the regular partitions that contain an LVM has been 
>always been available, and backing up the whole disk image. 
>Recent versions have added the ability to backup the LVM dm 
>partitions as well. Backing up and restore works fine as long as 
>the LVM setup is already there, but it a disk completely fails one 
>would need to recreate the LVM before being able to restore it.
>Similar to how one backs up the MBR and partition table for disks, 
>I'd like to have a method that would allow for the recreation of the 
>LVM, so that restores could be done. Additionally, with the 
>fsarchiver doing backups of files in use, it is generally faster than 
>doing a raw dd type backup. 
>Is there a script or how to that explains the process of creating a 
>script to recreate the LVM from scratch or from an already existing 
>partition table?
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