[linux-lvm] Pvmove while volume_ list is enabled freeze whole lvm

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 11:37:04 UTC 2012

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Zdenek Kabelac  wrote:
> Usual way if something goes wrong:
> Check if there is a device in 'suspend' state -
> (i.e.   dmsetup info -c     and check for 's' flag in Stat column)
> Resume all suspend devices -    dmsetup resume vgname-lvname &
> You could easily remove those which have zero open count  - dmsetup remove
> Eventually if you are brave enough, you could try 'dmsetup remove_all'.
> Now you should be able to activate your LVs again.
> Obviously 5.8 is somewhat older and there are some old bugs likely already
> fixed in newer releases - thus you may have far less problems with newer
> (or use support for reproducible bugs?)
> Zdenek

when I run pvmove I got:
# time pvmove /dev/mapper/mpath127 /dev/mpath/mpath23
  Not activating VG_DOCS_APPL/pvmove0 since it does not pass activation filter.
  Temporary pvmove mirror activation failed.
  Unable to deactivate open VG_DOCS_APPL-pvmove0 (253:69)
  Unable to deactivate open VG_DOCS_APPL-LV_DOCS_APPL (253:58)
  libdevmapper exiting with 1 device(s) still suspended.

This was because I'm using HA-LVM and forgot to temporarily bypass the
volume_list directive
volume_list = [ "VolGroup00", "@iclnode1" ]

Now in fact as you asked I can see
# dmsetup info -c
Name                                          Maj Min Stat Open Targ
Event  UUID
VG_DOCS_APPL-pvmove0                          253  69 -Isw    1    0
   0 LVM-oZIpsGRusTsze13xns0jvNeQbFuzxtRkwGQ1G6JEFZ5iM9YQRQzmFrithE6328Y5

and the I/O on the relative fs results blocked.
Apparentely the other ones are going ok.
So would it be ok to proceed this way:

1) comment out volume_list in lvm.conf
2) touch /boot/initrd*
(due to bug in ha-lv cluster monitor script)
3) dmsetup resume VG_DOCS_APPL-pvmove0



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