[linux-lvm] Resising underlying array

Bryn M. Reeves bmr at redhat.com
Thu Jul 4 08:54:35 UTC 2013

On 07/03/2013 07:54 PM, matthew patton wrote:
>> 200 MB for /boot was sensible years ago but now is a joke.
> since when? All you need is 2 kernels. Have Linux 3.x kernels gotten
> out of hand? I only use RHEL/Centos5 and 6 and I've never even come
> close to running out.

It partly depends on the distro and features you use - e.g. Fedora has
preupgrade which uses /boot as temporary storage. This requires
considerably more space than was required in the past (if you are going
to use the feature - otherwise, carry on regardless :).


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