[linux-lvm] howto speed-up thinpool-devices?

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Tue Sep 3 10:54:40 UTC 2013

Dne 24.8.2013 10:42, Oliver Rath napsal(a):
> Hi list,
> Im using thinpool-devices (and snapshots, too). I know, thinpool-devices
> arent the fastest one, but maybe there could make more use of read (and
> maybe write) caching. In my test-system are 32GB of ram, but there is a
> max use of cache about <1GB, not more, by heavily use of these devices.
> Is it possible to speed up the reading with growing up the cache use?
> The /sys/block/dm-X/.. directories have lots of parameters, but Im not
> experienced for that. Maybe Im looking at the wrong place and modifying
> kernel parameters (scheduler etc.) are the better way?

You  could look at lot of Howto text around various kernel settings i.e.:


Check with Google for more hints.


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