[linux-lvm] thinpool undeleteable after server crash

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Mon Feb 10 16:21:18 UTC 2014

Dne 10.2.2014 14:06, Oliver Rath napsal(a):
> Hi list,
> Im using here lvm 2.02.104 with kernel 3.11 and today the server
> crashed, so I had to power off and reboot the machin (dont know why at
> the mom). After this, the used thinpool-device got an unrecoverable
> error (thin_repair didnt help) so i tried to remove the whole vg
> including the thinpool and its depending devices, which didnt work.
> My only working solution was to overwrite the the first 30MB or the
> beginning of the used pv with zeroes (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1),
> then to reboot and NOW to recreate the whole thing.
> This seems not to be the best solution for this, so here my questions:
> Is it possible to force recreate of a thinpool device when it is
> crashing? What can I do to avoid unrecoverable errors on thinpools? Is
> there a better possibility for recreation of pv/vg/thinpools?

Developer are quite interested in any thin pool corruptions you could have.

There is of course 'final way' to remove thin pool -
'vgcfgbackup' your metadata - removed offending volumes
(thinpool + thin volumes) in text editor
and 'vgcfgrestore'.

But - thin recovery tools are there to fix it - and if they fail,
it would be good to get such problematic metadata for analysis,
before they are removed.


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