[linux-lvm] Volume group inconsistent

Marcos Dutra macdutra at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 18:35:41 UTC 2015


My multipath devices have an alias to plt-XX instead of the default name

I can create new volumes with lvcreate, but after 3 or 4 new volumes my VG
pass to inconsistent status because 24 disks stay in missing status, I
don't know why. Do you think that the lvm cannot write properly?

My disks are provided by IBM storage DS8000 but I don't have access the
configuration. Those devices was working properly until last friday since
august 2014.

When I restore my backup with vgcfgrestore, my VG return active without
problem, then I believe I don't have problens with write properly. Do you
have any idea or a test to do? I cannot shut off this VG now because it's
active and used by virtual servers, I have a big problem now.

I created a new VG to create new volumes but I'd like fix this one.


2015-02-11 12:27 GMT-02:00 Zdenek Kabelac <zdenek.kabelac at gmail.com>:

> Dne 9.2.2015 v 17:37 Marcos Dutra napsal(a):
>> Hi Zdenek,
>> I attached 2 files, one with missing status and another my backup today. I
>> restored my vg from backup but I still have problem, if I create some new
>> lv
>> volumes, vg status come back with missing status, I don't know why. Since
>> saturday night I don't create any volumes in this vg and I don't have any
>> missing status until now, but I would like come back to create new lv in
>> this
>> volume.
>> My server is centos-6.6 with lastest updates.
> What are those  /dev/mapper/plt-XX  devices ?
> It seems like the lvm2 command cannot write to this place properly?
> Checksum error looks like serious problem.
> From attached output - all your PVs were properly markes as not missing,
> however the lvm2 cannot read back proper crc code.
> So what are those 0.5GB devices - are they properly writable ?
> (especially in the disk header)
> Note - there are special type of block devices like DASD devices
> that must be first properly configured by IBM storage manager to provide
> regular devices.
> Regards
> Zdenek
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