[linux-lvm] Thin dump errors on snapshot of lvm metadata

shankha shankhabanerjee at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 16:03:17 UTC 2015

I am trying to run thin dump on the snapshot of lvm thin pool metadata.

The commands used to generate the snapshot and take the thin dump output are:

dmsetup message /dev/mapper/VG-POOL-tpool 0 reserve_metadata_snap
block_no=`dmsetup status /dev/mapper/VG-POOL-tpool | cut -f 7 -d " "`

thin_dump -f xml /dev/mapper/VG-POOL_tmeta -m $block_no

dmsetup message /dev/mapper/VG-POOL-tpool 0 release_metadata_snap

While creating the snapshot I am dumping data to the thin volume.

The error message I get is:
"metadata contains errors (run thin_check for details).
perhaps you wanted to run with --repair"

Is there something wrong with the way I am using the commands ?


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