[linux-lvm] Problems creating/converting large logical volume to RAID1

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Nov 27 15:06:36 UTC 2015


On 27/11/15 14:25, John Stoffel wrote:

> I suspect it could have been made to work, but in my experience,
> there's a very active MD developer (Neil, who would love more help!)
> who does a great job of the pure RAID features that MD provides.
> The DM guys are more based on logical block management in my
> experience, and so don't do nearly as much in the RAID side of
> things.
> But in any case, the above setup works really well, and gives you a
> good seperation of the layers and is easy to manage and control.
> I'm planning on migrating all my setup to a lvm-cache setup, with a
> pair of 4TB disk mirrored (and possibly a third mirror of two striped
> 2Tb drives... belt and suspenders!) with a pair of MX200 SSDS, 500Gb
> for boot and cache duties.  Should be a nice fast setup, and take less
> power as well.

That sounds interesting and also fun!

My next step is to get the rest of the partitions on my two disks (/boot
etc) mirrored so if I lose one of the disks the system will still boot
up and run. I've seen some guidance on how to do this.

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