[linux-lvm] LVM Cache Error: Manual Repair Required

Matt Joyce mttjocy at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 11:38:52 UTC 2016

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, activating the corig directly
worked and the data was fine couldn't figure out how to make the
cache_repair work or find much in the way of adequate documentation so
figured that it was probably faster to just reinstall the system and
restore all the files from the backup drives.

Not sure about using lvm-cache again though it's troubling that it
seems to be able to get into such an undefined state which seems
almost impossible to get out of.

Honestly am not sure it was the best solution for the needs on that
volume anyway it needs more in the way of raw sequential read/write
speed for copying files around given that it's made up of two fast 2TB
HDD's decided to just go with using the whole of the 1TB SSD as a
system volume and have the files vg just use --stripes 2 --stripe-size
256 instead actually gives about the same ~300-350MB/s sequential rate

Thanks for trying to help though.

On Sun, Dec 25, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Ming-Hung Tsai <mingnus at gmail.com> wrote:
> How did your cache-pool get broken? Power lost or other cause?
> lvconvert --repair is for thin-pools only, so you might need to repair
> the cache-pool manually, by using cache_repair and other tools in the
> package thin-provisioning-tools. I'm not familiar with dm-cache, so I
> don't know whether there's any limitation in cache_repair.
> Removing the cache layer might also work, but for safety, you can try
> to activate the cache origin manually at first (it might be
> data-lv_corig), to see whether the data is fine or not.
> Ming-Hung Tsai
> 2016-12-25 1:44 GMT+08:00 Matt Joyce <mttjocy at gmail.com>:
>> $ sudo lvchange -ay hdd-vg/data-lv
>>   Check of pool hdd-vg/data-lv_cache failed (status:1). Manual repair required!
>> $ sudo lvconvert --repair hdd-vg/data-lv
>>   Can't repair LV "data-lv" of segtype cache.
>> $ sudo lvconvert --repair hdd-vg/data-lv_cache
>>   Internal error: pool_is_active called with non-pool LV data-lv_cache.
>> bad checksum in superblock
>>   Repair of thin metadata volume of thin pool hdd-vg/data-lv_cache
>> failed (status:1). Manual repair required!
>> $ sudo lvremove hdd-vg/data-lv_cache
>> Do you really want to remove and DISCARD logical volume data-lv_cache? [y/n]: y
>>   Check of pool hdd-vg/data-lv_cache failed (status:1). Manual repair required!
>>   Failed to active cache locally hdd-vg/data-lv.
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