[linux-lvm] device failure during pvmove

Bryan Larsen bryan at larsen.st
Fri Jan 15 01:38:34 UTC 2016

I was in the process of doing a pvmove from /dev/md3 to a new, blank
/dev/md1 when /dev/md1 failed due to operator stupidity.

I tried doing a pvmove abort, but it complains about a missing device.   It
suggests doing a vgreduce --removemissing but that refuses to proceed
without a --force because pvmove has placed data onto the broken and
missing /dev/md1.

So theoretically all my data should still be available on /dev/md3.   Any
hints on how to proceed?

Sorry for the inexact messages, the failed machine no longer has a root
partition so is only accessible from the console.

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