[linux-lvm] Accessing LVM cache origin

Daniel Leong daniel.leong at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 23:23:07 UTC 2016


I'm struggling to find information about lvmcache recovery after the cache
fails. Is it possible to access an LVcache origin if the PV for the cache
has failed?

If I try partial mode :
  lvchange -a y -P fedora/home

Then it just hangs.

If I try the home_corig directly :
  lvchange -a y -P fedora/home_corig

  "Unable to change internal LV home_corig directly"

I can see the LVs with :
   lvs -a -o +devices fedora

The home_corig is still on /dev/sdb3 so I can probably find the blocks if
needed ... but that seems like hard work!

At the moment [cache_cdata] and [cache_cmeta] are on "unknown device"
because it failed. Can I just extend to a new PV for the cache?

Thanks for any tips, and apologies if I'm being stupid.

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