[linux-lvm] disabling udev_sync and udev_rules

Serguei Bezverkhi (sbezverk) sbezverk at cisco.com
Tue Mar 15 23:13:22 UTC 2016

Hello Zdenek,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am running RH 7.2 with the latest RH kernel update and LVM2 that came out with recent RH update. This issue is 100% reproducible, if you want I can setup a debugging session where you could access my server and take a look at the issue.

BTW running  this 'dmsetup udevcomplete_all' command did not help me and it cannot be a permanent fix.

Please let me know if you are ok for live debugging.

Thank you


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Dne 15.3.2016 v 23:31 Serguei Bezverkhi (sbezverk) napsal(a):
> Hello folks,
> While trying to make lvm work within a docker container I came across an issue when all lvcreate/lvremove got stuck indefinetly or until control-c. When I checked process I noticed lvm was waiting on one semaphore, I found that other folks hit similar issue and they fixed it by setting  udev_sync and udev_rules to 0. It also helped my case too.
> I would greatly appreciate if you could share your thought if this change in future can potentially have any negative impact.
> Thank you


To 'unblock' stuck processes waiting on udev cookie - you could run:

'dmsetup udevcomplete_all'

However the key question is - how you could get stuck.
That may need further debugging.

You would need to expose your OS  version and also version of lvm2 in use.

Non working cookies are bad - and disabling udev sync is even more bad idea...



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