[linux-lvm] disabling udev_sync and udev_rules

Serguei Bezverkhi (sbezverk) sbezverk at cisco.com
Wed Mar 16 16:17:33 UTC 2016

Hi John,

At least in our situation, Dockers do not own LV and nothing prevents in theory LV created by a process in one container, to be removed by another process in another container. It is exactly the same if two processed are trying to do the same thing.  In both cases if a volume is busy no process will be able to remove it.

In our case, dockers are more like process wrapper, it does not holds any resources other than it needs to run this one process.

I hope it clarifies a bit the approach we took.

Thank you

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So what's to keep a docker container from deleting all your other LVs that it shouldn't know about?

If I have a VG called coontainers, with a bunch of LVs called c1, c2, ... , cN.

What is to keep c1 from nuking the LV in c2?


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