[linux-lvm] Snapshot behavior on classic LVM vs ThinLVM

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Sun Apr 23 05:29:32 UTC 2017

Zdenek Kabelac schreef op 22-04-2017 23:17:

>> That is awesome, that means a errors=remount-ro mount will cause a 
>> remount right?
> Well 'remount-ro' will fail but you will not be able to read anything
> from volume as well.

Well that is still preferable to anything else.

It is preferable to a system crash, I mean.

So if there is no other last rather, I think this is really the only 
last resort that exists?

Or maybe one of the other things Gionatan suggested.

> Currently lvm2 can't support that much variety and complexity...

I think it's simpler but okay, sure...

I think pretty much anyone would prefer a volume-read-errors system 
rather than a kernel-hang system.

It is just not of the same magnitude of disaster :p.

> The explanation here is simple - when you create a new thinLV - there
> is currently full suspend - and before 'suspend' pool is 'unmonitored'
> after resume again monitored - and you get your warning logged again.

Right, yes, that's what syslog says.

It does make it a bit annoying to be watching for messages but I guess 
it means filtering for the monitoring messages too.

If you want to filter out the recurring message, or check current thin 
pool usage before you send anything.

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