[linux-lvm] Change stripe cache for lvm raid5

Sebastian Bachmann me at free-minds.net
Sun Jan 1 14:15:14 UTC 2017

I'm using a LVM RAID5 on a machine but the write performance is pretty poor
(about 20-30MB/s),
where the read performance is quite good (about 280MB/s).
I read about the stripe_cache_size for md raid and as far as I understand LVM
raid, it uses md as well.
In the design document for lvm2-raid
(https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/lvm2.git/tree/doc/lvm2-raid.txt) I can find
that a option --stripecache is specified there, but as it seems those options
were never implemented.

Is it possible to set the stripe cache size somewhere else? It seems to me that
lvm2 uses dmsetup to create the raid, where a stripe cache can be set while
creation. But it seems to me there is no interface to change such values
later on?

Thanks in advance!

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