[linux-lvm] how to change UUID of PV of duplicate partition (followup)

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Jan 6 20:13:15 UTC 2017

Zdenek Kabelac schreef op 06-01-2017 21:06:

> You can always 'fix it' you way.
> Just setup  device filter in  lvm.conf  so you either  see diskA or 
> diskB
> In you particular  case:
>  filter = [ "r|/dev/sdb4|" ]
> or
>  filter = [ "r|/dev/sdc4|" ]
> And set/change things with your existing lvm2 version....

Oh right, thank you man. I was looking for that but barring an option 
available on pvchange or vgimportclone itself I just decided to go the 
easy package upgrade route with David's help or suggestion.

I knew that should have been possible, so thanks. I just hadn't gotten 
around to diving into the config file yet. Much appreciated.


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