[linux-lvm] Sector size is assumed 512

Tomasz Lasko tomasz at lasko.pl
Thu May 11 10:39:23 UTC 2017


I'm not a part of the list or the project, just a random guy dropping by 
to say I found one suspicious thing:

after looking for what 's' size stands for, I found that your 
lvmcmdline.c source code 
probably assumes that sector size is 512, but there are various sector 
sizes out in world (both for the hardware sector size and logical disk 
interfaces like SCSI) especially more and more popular 4096 byte sector 

I wonder if apart of lvmcmdline.c above, also other parts of your 
software assume that sector size will always be 512. If yes, then I 
suggest rethinking if 4k sectors might break some operations in LVM.

By the way, I understand that when specifying command line parameter 
sector size, then it is the same for small 's' as capital 'S', right?  
And the same goes for bytes ('b' is the same as 'B'), right?

Best regards,
Tomasz Lasko

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