[linux-lvm] When and why vgs command can change metadata and incur old metadata to be backed up?

Eric Ren zren at suse.com
Sat Nov 4 07:24:25 UTC 2017

Hi Alasdair,

> Very simply if the metadata the command has just read in does not match
> the last backup stored in the local filesystem and the process is able
> and configured to write a new backup.
> The command that made the metadata change might not have written a
> backup if it crashed, was configured not to write backups, was running
> with the filesystem readonly (e.g. booted into a recovery mode), ran on
> a different node in a cluster, ran as part of an installer that chose
> not to give you any metadata backups, performed metadata recovery etc.
> (Plus an old release had a bug where the checking went wrong and it
> made a backup every time even though nothing had actually changed.)

Can you still recall the fix commit for that bug? I recently encountered 
a similar
problem on 2.02.98. Thanks in advance.


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