[linux-lvm] Option to silence "WARNING: Sum of all thin volume sizes exceeds the size of thin pool"

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Wed Sep 20 11:34:38 UTC 2017

Gionatan Danti schreef op 19-09-2017 10:44:

> Sure, I was only describing a possible case where the warning is
> "redundant" (ie: because the admin know the snapshot will be
> short-lived).

I would only like to say that reducing the "warning" to a "notice" would 
also reduce the irritation.

Ie. instead "WARNING. Word word word" it could also be

"New volume xx overprovisions thin pool by xxx".

This way you don't give the user the idea that you think he/she is 

I know this still implies some verbosity but it doesn't have to be an 
"error". It can simply be a "notice".

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