[linux-lvm] Can't work normally after attaching disk volumes originally in a VG on another machine

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Mon Mar 26 11:33:22 UTC 2018

Gang He schreef op 26-03-2018 8:04:

> It looks like each PV includes a copy meta data for VG, but if some PV
> has changed (e.g. removed, or moved to another VG),
> the remained PV should have a method to check the integrity when each
> startup (activated?), to avoid such inconsistent problem
> automatically.

Well I'm not really interested in "what should be", I just answered your 

Also automatic resolution of differences turns into an automatic (or 
bidirectional) "sync" problem which generally depends on consistent time 
AND an agreed-upon strategy for merging conflicts which I doubt is truly 
a realistic proposal because you are talking about data loss here.

I'm sorry, I don't think (I'm not an LVM developer here) what you ask 
for is theoretically [im]possible.

At best you could have a "best merge" strategy with all associated 
risks, and I don't think you should even go that route, honestly.

It's more something for an individual administrator to solve with 
appropriate tools.

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