[linux-lvm] thinpool metadata got way too large, how to handle?

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Fri Jan 10 16:51:18 UTC 2020

Dne 10. 01. 20 v 17:30 Ede Wolf napsal(a):
> Hello,
> I am afraid I have been a bit too optimistic. Being a bit embarassed, but I am 
> not not able to find any reference to component activation. I've deactivated 
> all LVs and tried to set the thinpool itself or its metadata into read only mode:
> # lvchange -pr VG_Raid6/ThinPoolRaid6
>    Command on LV VG_Raid6/ThinPoolRaid6 uses options invalid with LV type 
> thinpool.
>    Command not permitted on LV VG_Raid6/ThinPoolRaid6.
> # lvchange -pr /dev/mapper/VG_Raid6-ThinPoolRaid6_tmeta
>    Operation not permitted on hidden LV VG_Raid6/ThinPoolRaid6_tmeta.
> I can lvchange -an the thinpool, but then obviously I have no path/file for 
> for the thin_repair input anynmore that I could provide.
> So please, how do I properly set the metadata into read only?

Your lvm2 is too old   (component activation is relatively new feature)

In this case you need to simply 'swap-out'  your existing _tmeta into a 
regular LV.

Easy to do -

Just create any LV you want -   lvcreate -an -L1 -n mytestlv vg

then 'swap' content of _tmeta with mytestvl  with:

lvconvert --thinpool  vg/poolname  --poolmetadata  vg/mytestlv

and now  vg/mytestlv should be you 2.2TiB metadata volume you can easily activate.



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