[linux-lvm] Recovering "broken" disk ( 17th )

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Mon Oct 18 02:17:19 UTC 2021


I have had a disk go bad on me, causing me to lose one PV.

I seem to have retrieved the partition using ddrescue, but it also seems
to be missing some label information, because pvscan doesn't see it.

Using hexdump, I see the string " LVM2 " at 0x1004, but nothing before
that.  The whole phrase is: 

0x01000  16 d6 8e db 20 4c 56 4d  32 20 78 5b 35 41 25 72

I find what appears to be an LVM2 configuration section at 0x1200, and
so I was able to read the UUID that this PV should have.

On another machine, I dumped a PV partition, and find "LABLEONE" at
0x200, with the same " LVM2 " at 0x01000.

I was concerned that my dump was offset, but the comparison to the
"good" one suggests that that isn't the problem, but just the missing
"LABLEONE" and related information at 0x0200.

If I do a "pvcreate --uuid xxxx" would this fix that recovered partition
so that pvscan and friends can work properly, and I can finally boot
that machine?

Thank you,

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