[linux-lvm] How to change default system dir

Bartłomiej Błachut bartlomiejblachut at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 15:16:41 UTC 2022

I have a question for you, because what I need is to change in my
ubuntu(22.04) the localisation of default-system-dir from /etc/lvm to a
place where I have write access e.g. /home/my_user/new_lvm_dir. I've tried
so far to provide to ./configure option
--with-default-system-dir=/home/my_user/new_lvm_dir or later I replace
everywhere in code pattern /etc/lvm to /home/my_user/new_lvm_dir but
without any success. Are you able to give me any idea how I can do it ?

I tried it on main/stable branches git://sourceware.org/git/lvm2.git

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