[Octa-list] tracebacks on parsing XML

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 21:57:50 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 14:42, Greg Swift <gregswift at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi all... I had octa working before and started working on some
> additional build code.  then stuph happened and I left it sit for 1+
> months.  Over that month I upgraded RHEVM to the 52920 release, and
> then to rhevm-api 1.0-rc1.  Now I get errors about it pulling data
> from the rhevm-api.  I tried rolling rhevm-api back to 0.9, but
> rolling RHEVM itself back would be a bit more unrealistic for me.  I
> then tried updating to the latest un-modified octa release, still
> nothing.
> I'm attaching a file with the two sets of output I get when running
> the cli command.  I've tried wget/curl pulls of the same URL for
> testing, and it works fine.  It works fine from browsers as well.  I
> don't get it.  I couldn't get the python-rhev to work either, but I
> never had it working.
> Any suggestions?

okay... so a bit of a duh moment.  2 weeks ago the rhev admin password
changed.  So despite the fact that I was constantly having to provide
octa my userid/password to try and access the queries via the CLI,
that was not the credentials being used against RHEVM.  Should
probably adjust response handling to check to see if its getting an
authentication error and raise that error instead of just having
random bit fail.


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