[Open-scap] Video preview of the OSCAP Anaconda addon

Peter Vrabec pvrabec at redhat.com
Wed Apr 24 12:30:06 UTC 2013

hey Vrata,

your demo is cool. I'm glad to see progress in integration with an 
installer. It's an important piece of a bigger "work flow" which is

anaconda -> oscap/scap-workbench -> spacewalk

Combination of these components enable users to:
* create pre-configured image - system is hardened before the first 
boot; no need to write complicated kickstarts!
* perform local or remote scans of "live" systems
* trigger remediation & customize content (tailoring)
* monitor security compliance from enterprise system manages solution

On 04/24/2013 10:27 AM, Vratislav Podzimek wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm a member of the Anaconda installer team and as my master thesis I'm
> developing an addon for the Anaconda that would allow SCAP content
> evaluation during the installation process. To provide a preview of what
> I've done so far I've recorded a video [1]. The quality is not that
> great I'd like it to be, but I hope it would serve the purpose of
> presenting the basic ideas and approach.
> [1] http://vimeo.com/64702496
> The work is far from being finished, but it already covers the most
> important actions that need to take place. What is currently missing is
> a profile selection in the GUI and support for more content types than
> just datastreams. In the future, there will probably also be an addon
> for the Initial Setup (new Firstboot) that will show the results from
> the evaluation and remediation that is done after installation in the
> chroot of the newly installed system.

I consider it useful to have a support in the Initial Setup. It will 
basically run a scan and show report. That will prove that system is in 
compliance and nothing is messed up.

> Looking forward to see your comments and suggestions,

Where are you planning to post a documentation?


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