[Thincrust-devel] Re: [Ovirt-devel] unable to add hosts in web admin tool

David Huff dhuff at redhat.com
Wed Nov 5 18:17:43 UTC 2008

Alan Pevec wrote:
> Bryan Kearney wrote:
>> http://ovirt.org/page/TroubleShooting#Debugging_oVirt_Appliance_firstboot
>> You appear to be modifying the host, not the guest is that correct?
> guest image modified, it is mounted at /mnt using qemu-nbd (network 
> block device)
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This can be corrected  just by adding "console=ttyS0,115200" to the 
kernel options of the appliance.  This can be done in the ks file via 
the --appned line.  I have updated the sample kickstart file included in 
appliance-creator and the ks files in the AOS repo.


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