[Ovirt-devel] Trouble on loading the VM onto the node

Naoya Terashima terashima.naoya at np.css.fujitsu.com
Mon Sep 1 05:57:20 UTC 2008

I tried

#virsh -c qemu+ssh:// list

But message "No route to host" came out.
In the first place,I can't see node136 by the command

#virsh list --all

The output by the command is

1 developer             running
2 node3                  running
3 node4                  running
4 node5                  running
- ovirt-appliance     shut off

But surely there is the node 136 in the Hardware Pool named Test (child of
So what should I do?

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> Naoya Terashima wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Thank you for your very intelligible explanation.
> > I did the command
> >
> > #virsh -c qemu+ssh:// list
> > #virsh -c qemu+ssh:// list
> > #virsh -c qemu+ssh:// list
> >
> > and I could see the VM named dddd running on the node3.
> > Thank you!
> > But I still feel strange because I could see only one VM named dddd
> > though I'm running four VMs(aaaa, bbbb, cccc, and dddd).
> > Could this be a bug?
> > I attach the files in /var/log/ovirt-wui except rails.log and some
> > screenshots.
> > Screenshots explains how many VM are running now and how much resorces
> > used.
> > please let me know where the problem is.
> Check:
> # virsh -c qemu+ssh:// list
> You don't just have node3, node4 and node5 running.  You also have a
> node136 according to your taskomatic logs.  It could be that some vms are
> running on that node.
> node3, 4 and 5 are the 'fake' nodes that run on the same host as the ovirt
> appliance.  node136 would be a real node running on a bare metal box.
> Let me know what looking at node136 tells you.
> Thanks,
> Perry

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