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[Ovirt-devel] Re: NIC bonding and failover...

+++ Konrad Rzeszutek [04/09/08 15:10 -0400]:
> You still need the steps to enslave a NIC to the bond, setting which type it is, etc.

Right, this will all be done at boot time, based on what the admin configures.

<scratches his head>

What is the delivery mechanism? Is it going to be similar to the way the krb5.tab is
being found+pulled. And then the config file would be parsed and set the right
things? Or would this be done via libvirt (http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/TodoNICBonding)

After the node identifies itself to the oVirt server, it downloads a
configuration file. That file is processed by augtool[1]. The managed node
that restarts the network service, which will take down all network
interfaces and then bring them back up, applying the network configuration
that was just retrieved.

[1] http://augeas.net/

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