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[Ovirt-devel] Configuration NICs

In order to configure a NIC and also use bonding/fail-over, we need a way to:

1. associate one or more BondingType objects to the Host via the Bonding
2. associate which of the Host's Nic objects will be a part of each Bonding
3. set the ip address, netmask, etc. for a Nic that's not enslaved.

Here's a crude ASCII of what I"m thinking.

 [ Select a bonding type v ] [ Add ]

 Bonded interface alias: _bond0_____________________  [ Remove ]_
  Bonded interface name: _ovbond0____________________

 Network Interfaces:
00:11:22 [ ] Enslave to ovbond0 IP Address: _______ Netmask: ____ |
 11:22:33 [X] Enslaved to ovbond0
 22:33:44 [X] Enslaved to ovbond0

 [ Save Changes ]

1. The user selects a bonding type and clicks "Add". The bonded interface
fields are displayed.
2. The user clicks "Remove" to destroy the interface. When that happens, any
enslaved Nic is released but not destroyed.
3. If the user clicks the checkbox to enslave an interface then the IP
address and netmask fields go away.

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