[Pulp-dev] Deferring 3 things for Pulp3 to 3.1+

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Tue Dec 12 16:47:42 UTC 2017

As we get to the end of the MVP planning for Pulp3, I want to check-in
about deferring 3 areas of Pulp functionality to the 3.1+ page [0]. I'm
looking for feedback, especially -1s, about deferring the following 3
things from the Pulp 3.0 release. This would finalize a few still-red or
totally missing areas of the MVP [1].

- Consumer Applicability. Pulp3 won't manage consumers, but Pulp is still
in a good position to offer applicability. Katello uses it significantly,
but they won't be using the 3.0 release.

- Lazy downloading. I think this should be a top 3.1 priority. It will take
a significant effort to update/test/release the streamer so I don't think
we can include it in 3.0 for practical timeline reasons.

- Content Protection. I believe we want both basic auth and key based
verification of content served by the Pulp content app. This is an easy
feature to add, but not one I think we should plan fully or do as part of
the 3.0 MVP.

Please send thoughts or ideas on these changes soon, so we can finalize the
MVP document in the next few days.

[0]: https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/wiki/31+_Ideas_(post_MVP)
[1]: https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/wiki/Pulp_3_Minimum_Viable_Product/

Thank you,
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