[Pulp-dev] Filtering in the MVP

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Thu Nov 16 16:18:49 UTC 2017

On Tuesday we started to go over filtering in the MVP and we knocked out a
bunch of models. I’m hoping to finish up filtering tomorrow so I wanted to
email out some info to help prepare for our discussion.

First, I went ahead and added links to the code for the models that are
remaining. If you all have some time before tomorrow’s meeting, it might be
nice to familiarize yourself with each model’s fields and think about what
we want to be able to filter on for the MVP. Starts at line 55:


I think most of the meeting will be on filtering content. To refresh
everyone’s memory, right now users can view a repository’s content by
hitting a nested route “/repositories/{id}/content/“. There’s also a
“/repositorycontents/“ route that can be used to create/list/update/delete
the contents of a repository. Might be worth thinking about whether we want
to keep this design.

Some things to think about before our meeting tomorrow:

* How do we enable users to filter content? Where do they go in the API?
* Should users be able to filter content across repositories?
* Should users be able to filter repos by content id for the MVP?
* How do users view or filter on plugin-specific data like errata ids or
rpm architectures?

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