[Pulp-dev] Publication delete, sync or async?

Austin Macdonald austin at redhat.com
Wed Apr 11 15:34:19 UTC 2018

>From our checkin meeting, there was an MVP doc question that needed some

*Publications:* https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/wiki/Pulp_3

   - *As a user, As an authenticated user, I can delete publications.*
         - *asynchronously with a lock on the repository version. *
         - *prevented if associated with a distribution.*
         - *single object only.*

In the code, Publication deletes are synchronous, not asynchronous like the
MVP docs says. I think the code is correct, so we should remove this line.
If we do not remove this line, we should write a story to make this call

In the code, Publication deletes are not blocked by association to
distributions. Should write a story or remove this line?

"single object only". What does that mean? If it means 1 publication at a
time, that is how all our objects work, so I think we can delete this line.
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