[Pulp-dev] Pulp 3 release quality

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Mon Apr 23 16:07:50 UTC 2018

> I think running all of them for now is the best way. If the runtime on
Travis becomes unbearable we can look into solutions then.

Smoke tests were created at the behest of developers for precisely this
situation. This line of code:

py.test -v --color=yes --pyargs pulp_smash.tests.pulp3

...can be changed to this:

py.test -v --color=yes --pyargs $(pulp-smash smoke-tests)

Use your test runner of choice. The official unittest test runner has
better support for features like subTests.

> How about running the full test suite nightly to catch things from all
PRs that day rather than waiting until the next release?  Is that being
done?  We should want things to fail sooner rather than later if there's

This seems sensible.
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