[Pulp-dev] Release Announcing and Versioning

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Tue Feb 6 18:10:02 UTC 2018

tl;dr @daviddavis and I will try to handle the announcing of the builds and
document a process to have others help do in the future.

In some conversations with the folks who make the Pulp2 builds, they want
to focus only on building and transition the announcing of builds back to
developers. I think overall it will improve the quality by having devs a
bit more involved in the release/prep and announcement. The
responsibilities we would be accepting fall into a few areas.

# announcement content. This needs to be created all of this content
pre-build so that when the build completes a Pulp dev can publish it
* Blog Post
* Email Announcement
* Docs builder updates
* Updates to pulpproject.org/docs page
* Tweeting

# just before the build
* Look over the release notes
* Ensure that for a z release, there are no features included by reading
* Ensure that for y releases, each feature has a release note

# redmine automation
@daviddavis and I would be setting the "Platform Target Release" field so
that the build machinery can assemble the build from that field and its
associated commits. Developers would continue to leave it unset, which is
the same process as we have today. We can mostly automate these things and
we should because its a lot of manual work otherwise.

This script would run frequently (like hourly), which should keep things
always up to date. Also it would verify that each issue has an associated
commit because the build machinery will fail if there are fewer commits.
I'll write up this work in Redmine and work to get it groomed.

@daviddavis and I are going to handle this for both 2.15.2 and 2.16 and
drive our schedule from the dates on the release wiki pages:

Any feedback or ideas are welcome. We'll share out links as we document the

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