[Pulp-dev] Plugin relationship to tasks

Austin Macdonald amacdona at redhat.com
Tue Mar 27 19:49:49 UTC 2018

>    - /api/v3/repositories/<uuid>/versions/ endpoint does not perform
>    plugin specific validation which can lead to "broken" repository versions.
>    - Plugin authors don't have any convention to follow when creating
>    custom REST API endpoints for creating repository versions.
>    - As a result of ^, a user will have a hard time identifying
>    repository version creation APIs in different plugins.
I agree with these points.

>    -
> My first inclination is to disable the ability to POST to
> /api/v3/repositories/<uuid>/versions/ and require users to use the plugin
> specific APIs for creating repository versions. However, I think that
> integrators of build systems that produce a variety of content types would
> have a lot more flexibility if they could use a single generic API endpoint
> to create a repository version independent of the content type.
> Let's continue this discussion by answering the following question:
>    - Should we disable the ability to POST to /api/v3/repositories/<uuid>/versions/
>    and require users to always use a plugin specific repository version
>    creation API?
> Yes, I think we should disable POST to /api/v3/repositories/<uuid>/

Simplifying integration is important, but we should not sacrifice
correctness enforcement.
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