[Pulp-dev] installer team

Austin Macdonald austin at redhat.com
Mon Mar 25 22:13:05 UTC 2019

- create meeting for installer team
  - dev installer docs
     - point to pulplift docs
       - remove any instructions that should be documented on pulplift
       - remove mention of specific repos, ( use ":get the source")
       - update "get the source"
           - ansible-pulp3 -> ansible-pulp,
           - pulp -> pulpcore
            - add pulpcore-plugin
     - expand pulplift docs
        - link to "get the source" instead of saying in the install guide
  - deprecate pulp/devel for pulp3
     - switch master to 3-master and deprecate, include link to pulplift
     - switch 2-master to master
     - send email to pulp-dev announcing deprecation officially
  - pulplift demo
  - Update "using ansible"
      - remove documentation of roles (pulp/devel)
      - point to ansible-pulp README and mention each role's README
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