[Pulp-dev] Pulp 3.0 RC release

Simon Baatz gmbnomis at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 17:36:42 UTC 2019

Version 0.0.4b2 of the pulp_cookbook plugin is now available on PyPI
as pulp-cookbook 0.0.4b2 [0] and on GitHub [1]

The plugin supports pulpcore 3.0.0rc1 now.  There have been no
functional changes since the previous release.  This means that the
plugin currently supports PostgreSQL only, MySQL/Maria DB support is
going to be added in a future release.

[0] https://pypi.org/project/pulp-cookbook/0.0.4b2
[1] https://github.com/gmbnomis/pulp_cookbook/tree/0.0.4b2

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