[Pulp-dev] Testing Epic for Distribution / AutoDistribution

Matthias Dellweg dellweg at atix.de
Sat May 18 14:01:14 UTC 2019

On Fri, 17 May 2019 15:44:32 -0400
Brian Bouterse <bbouters at redhat.com> wrote:

> We removed some functional tests recently from core because the
> Distribution part of Master/Detail was so heavily reworked. We want to
> rethink the testing in this area with new functional tests, so I
> wrote out a testing epic here:  https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4838
> @qe, can you read these stories and ask any questions? Note that it's
> possible some of these tests are already written; I wanted to
> explicitly capture what needed to be tested without thinking about
> what you've already implemented.
> Note this does *not* plan testing to verify the correct serving of
> PublishedArtifacts. Do any plugins use PublishedArtifacts?
> All the best,
> Brian

The Debian plugin uses PublishedArtifact. If i understand correctly, it
is needed to be able to serve the same Artifact with different
relative_paths in different Repos/Publication, and also to select which
Files belong to a Publication, and which one should be skipped.

Have a nice Weekend, Matthias
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