[Pulp-dev] MODIFIED issues

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Mon Apr 20 12:40:36 UTC 2020

During the pulpcore team meeting last week, we noted that after the latest
pulpcore release there were a number of issues in redmine still at
MODIFIED. I took an action item to go through them and they seem to fall
into four categories:

1. Issues that got filed against pulpcore but were fixed in a plugin

I think that item 1 is worth trying to fix by automation. The commit
validation could check that the issue project for the attached issue
matches the repo. I have a proof of concept here:


2. Issues without code changes (eg tasks, epics, etc) getting set to
MODIFIED upon completion
3. Issues that got pulled/reverted before the release went out

Optimally, we'd set these to CLOSED when they are completed. I think the
release person could also check though. I'd propose we add a step to the
release guide that asks the release person to clean up any items at
MODIFIED after releasing.

4. Issues against the installer and plugin_template.

Looking for feedback on what to do with these.

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