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Melanie Corr mcorr at redhat.com
Thu Jul 23 15:54:55 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I need your help in shaping the survey[0].

I copied over some questions from last year's survey and added what I
thought might be interesting. Last year's survey contains a lot of
"planning" questions for future upgrades to Pulp 3. Many things have
changed since then, and I think you know best where we need to focus.

I added conditions to the survey to try and separate the following:

* Questions for Pulp 2 Users
* Questions for Pulp 3 Users
* Questions for people who are in-between their migration. This last
category of user may exist only in my head. Let me know :)

Questions for you:

Do you think streaming the survey into separate user groups like this is a
good idea?

With the Pulp 2 survey, do we want to collect, for example, what version of
MongoDB they're using? I'm assuming we ultimately want to guide users away
from Pulp 2, so most of what I added related to a future migration to Pulp
3. I kept all the "what features would you like" type questions for the
Pulp 3 part of the survey and focused on what they need to get away from
Pulp 2. What do you think?

For the Pulp 3 users, are there any areas I haven't covered where you want
to focus and learn their experiences?

I asked Greg Sutcliffe, the MBU's Data Analyst, a question related to
rewording I was doing on one question. One piece of advice he gave me was
to beware of asking about solutions to complex problems. For example, on
his advice, I changed "If there was a Pulp 3 web-based interface, would you
use it?" from the 2019 survey to "Do you need a Pulp 3 web UI for your
environment?" with the follow-up question to describe that workflow if they
answer yes. He said to focus the questions on their experiences and their
problems rather than having them propose hypothetical solutions.

Feel free to reply here or enter "That is a terrible question, Melanie"
into the survey :)
Am happy to apply any feedback.



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