[Pulp-dev] Allowing Older Z-stream Backports and Releases?

Brian Bouterse bmbouter at redhat.com
Thu Jul 30 17:08:30 UTC 2020

Currently my understanding of the z-stream policy is that Pulp only has one
active z-stream. This means (for example) that when 3.6.0 comes out, there
will never be another z-stream release for 3.5.z, 3.4.z, 3.3.z, etc.

I believe we have an opportunity to create more value by adjusting this to
allow for older z-stream releases to be requested as-needed. This would
allow for example Katello's use of pulpcore 3.4.1 to request a 3.4.2 to be
created even if 3.6.0 is released. Similarly for any plugin. These could
only contain bugfixes (never features) due to semantic versioning

This is based on feedback I've gotten from various users including Katello,
and this would allow them to use a version of pulpcore or a plugin and
receive stability fixes without being forced to upgrade. Then they can
upgrade when is right for them (not for us).

If others agree with this change I think we need to figure out the

* How can a user request a backport? [bmbouter suggests using a new tracker
type in Redmine named 'Backport']
* How can mini-teams perform backporting? [bmbouter suggests manual
cherry-picking and releasing as-needed, only with requested items]

What do you think?

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